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“My head and my heart have always been here”

“My head and my heart have always been here”

The Real Madrid captain spoke to the press in an official event celebrating his contract renewal until June 2020.

Sergio Ramos unfolded an A4 page to read his speech in the event celebrating him staying at the club for another 5 years. He thanked the president of the club, his teammates and family and emphasized that he had always wanted to continue at Real Madrid.

“I want to thank the president and all the madridistas. Being part of this club is a dream that I want to enjoy for as long as I can. I want to thank everyone, the president and my brother. My brother for his professionalism and unconditional support. I want to thank everyone who helped me keep calm. Also my manager and teammates for their respect and for being there for me, and the fans who have always been there and always will. Thank you so much. Being part of this club and wearing the captain’s armband is a privilege and a responsibility that I take on with a lot of pride. The circumstances of this extension dragged out for a long time, but my head and my heart have always been here. For this reason, and as I always say: Hala Madrid! ”

Ramos went on to answer some questions from the assembled press:

When did you decide to stay and why? “My life has been divided in two stages. My childhood in Sevilla and my life in Real Madrid and that’s reason enough for my decision. Also, of course, for the happiness of those close to me. That was my priority.”

Do you have any fears about the behaviour of the Bernabéu public after all this? “I left this time go because I didn’t want to answer anybody. I hope I’ll get the same reception as always. I have no fears. I’ve never felt anything but loved in the stadium. As long as the club want me, I’ll be the first to stay. We’re all constantly judged on our performances but you just have to live with it. I’m staying here with that challenge and responsibility. I hope people will see that.”

The renewal: money and recognition. The deal. Where’s the truth in it all? “Obviously I´ve never spoken about my renewal particularly with my existing contract for another two years. What I can say is that I respect what the media says, but whether it´s true or not is another thing. I’ve never been motivated by money. I never said I wanted to leave. I would love to retire here. I would be so thankful to the president and this institution if that happened. My aim is to captain this team in the most honest way I can. I want to captain a team that wins trophies. What is said about a player is always secondary.”

The renewal saga must have worn you down, did you ever see yourself in another jersey? “That’s obvious and I can’t deny it. It’s true that I wasn’t happy about certain things. I never said that I wanted to leave Madrid but I couldn’t go on like that. You can see that economic reasons are the last I talk about. There were things that I needed to stay. My happiness is here, why waste time anywhere else?”

Iker Casillas: What can I say about Iker. He’s a great friend, a great teammate. My captain in the club and of our friendship. It’s a unique relationship, we’re always in contact. The goodbyes are always sad. A teammate and a legend has left, we were always together, I think we learned a lot from each other. I wish him all the best in his new project but he’s left me with a big responsibility that I´m proud to take on and that I´m going to give my all to.

Have you lost money by not going to another club? “If it was just about the money I wouldn´t have stayed. I could have made a lot more elsewhere, but there were other considerations. I´m very excited. I´ve been quiet out of respect for my club. My president is here and he knows that I didn’t call his office asking for an extension and a raise.”

Inspirations: “Here everyone has their own way of captaining the dressing room, but I’ve had some good teachers like Pablo Alfaro, Javi Navarro, Raúl.. Now ten years later it’s my turn and I hope in the future they’ll talk about a captain and a legend at Real Madrid.”

What do you hope to bring as captain? “I don’t see myself as the boss either. You have to realise that you’re the captain of the best team in the world and you have to leave it all on the pitch, an your teammates too. Football is a game, but they can’t fault your effort or anything else. You have to fight for titles, the dressing room is always complicated but everyone has to row in the same direction as the manager says.”

Did it annoy you that some doubted your madridismo? “It doesn´t make you feel happy, out of respect for my club I’ve stayed quiet. I don’t know where people get this information from, maybe out of their own interests. I’ve given everything for this coat of arms and everyone knows I give all I have for Madrid. I’ll have good games and bad games but I’m ready to face that risk.”

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