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Rafa Benítez: "Cristiano is the best player in the world"

The coach was anxious to clarify his rapport with the forward: "My relationship with Cristiano is totally normal. I wish that all players had his appetite to compete and win".

The team to play Manchester City: “I have a concept that I want to establish: pre-season is preparation for the season ahead. We will use a team that will be capable of taking the game to City but my aim is to prepare a team for the competitive fixtures ahead, they’re the games that count. I can’t guarantee that the team that plays tomorrow will be the same as for our first league game but I anticipate between five to eight regulars to start”.

New signings: “I’m sure I already stated how we have a good team and squad. My task is to work hard. The transfer window is open through to August 31. My responsibility is to improve the group of players at my disposition”.

Cristiano: “Fortunately after working with him you can see how competitive he is and how keen he is to win. He has great quality and that’s what makes him the best player in the world. I wish all the players had the same enthusiasm to compete and win. He shows this on a day by day basis and I’m delighted with him”

Your relationship with him: “My relationship with him is the same as the rest of the players. I speak to them all. There are those who are speculating on this or that but I can assure you that the relationship is totally normal”.

The TV images of him getting annoyed: “He is a competitive guy and that’s the key. This is a positive thing not a defect”.

Physical shape: “The team is fine and working towards the goal which is the start of the season. The players are tired but that is normal”

What has changed that in a week you now resolutely state that Cristiano is the best? “I always try and get the best from my players. Seeing Cristiano close-up and watching him work, you can appreciate why he has won so many trophies. Clearly he is the best in the world”.

Casilla: “He’s just arrived after a long flight so he’ll need a few days to adapt”.

Real Madrid, playing a friendly in Norway: “We’re a big club and visiting great countries is a good thing. We’re training well here but need to move on, that’s part of our business. We need to work but alos promote the club

De Gea and Ramos: “De Gea is not our player so there is nothing to say. Ramos is a key player for us and I really hope to have him for the season ahead as he will be crucial for us”.

Van Gaal commenting on Ramos: “For me he’ll stay at the club. Football, though is like life, unpredictable, but I feel he’s a key player for this club. Van Gaal? I have plenty of respect for Van Gaal but my concern is that Sergio stays”.

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