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Peter Lim, Cristiano, Mendes and Salvo

Peter Lim has bought the rights to exploit the Cristiano Ronalso brand. A straightforward modern era commercial deal. The owner of Valencia will now manage the rights of a player reviled by the Mestalla faithful (actually by most Spanish football fans), who want little to do with anything related to Real Madrid. The deal will invariably add more tension to the difficult relationship between Lim and Salvo. The new financial muscle against tradition and sentiment of the club. Salvo still retains the position of ‘executive president’, a title which is laden with euphemism.

Amadeo Salvo went out of his way last year to help facilitate Peter Lim’s purchase of the club. It was a complex process that involved much political wrangling. For the moment the overview is that the deal has been positive. New players have arrived, the team has a good coach and the team has qualified for the Champions League preliminary round. Unrest is now starting to surface however between owner, Lim and Amadeo Salvo, who also has to answer to the real president, Layhoon Chan. Chan is a direct collaborator of Lim’s and can be seen from time to time around the city.

There is also tension between technical secretary, Rufete, one of Salvo’s men and Portuguese coach, Nuno, one of Mendes protegees who is the source of the new Valencia. He introduced Lim to Spanish football and Salvo helped him secure his place in Valencia. Lim is grateful to both individuals, but especially to Mendes. Rufete feels cornered. In one year, Valencia have paid €85 million for Benfica players, a club with strong links to Mendes. Now Lim’s company secures image rights for Cristiano, Mendes’ prize player and sworn enemy of Valencia fans, who also fear that Real Madrid are pushing for a move to the capital for Otamendi.

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