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Guardiola supports Laporta’s candidacy

Guardiola supports Laporta’s candidacy

Susanna Saez

The current Bayern Munich coach admitted that he has “respect” for all the pre-candidates during a public talk in Manresa.

Pep Guardiola has become involved in the Barça electoral campaign. He was anxious to distance himself from the campaign, as was hoped by many, but commented at a public speech organized by the Fundació AMPANS in Manresa that, “all the aspiring candidates are good, but I can’t hide my personal ties and affection with Joan Laporta, he was the man who gave me a chance as Barça coach”.

Laporta inadvertently received the message he was anxious to hear after he publicly praised Pep Guardiola stating that, “he stood up for us in difficult times and I’ll always be grateful for that”.

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