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Jesé fed up at Real Madrid, wants summer exit

In March the Real striker told his inner circle he would leave if things didn’t change. They have changed, but for the worse.

Jesé has been thinking about his situation at Real Madrid for several months and now, having been brought on in time added on in the Champions League second leg against Atleti, he’s made a decision: he’s fed up not playing and wants to leave in June.

The footballer is tired of the few opportunities he’s been given since coming back from injury and despite Real going through to the semi-finals against their city rivals (1-0, with the goal coming from Chicharito) Jesé left the Bernabéu in a terrible mood. And told his inner circle that he wants away from Madrid this summer.

This isn’t something new though. He’s been thinking seriously about the situation since March, when he admitted to people close to him: “If the situation doesn’t change, I’m leaving”. Since then there have been changes, but only for the worse. Chicharito has moved ahead of him, with Ancelotti preferring the Mexican when he needs a back-up striker. Jesé is in a very similar situation to the one Morata found himself in last year.

Jesé hasn’t had an easy season. He’s only played 417 minutes, just 18% of those possible since he came back from injury. Lucas Silva is the only player who’s had less minutes than the striker. The club though aren’t thinking about a sale of the last gem from the academy and if Jesé demands to leave they’ll only consider a loan deal or possibly a sale with repurchase option.

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