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"Messi has a place here until he decides to quit football"

"Messi has a place here until he decides to quit football"

Barça president Bartomeu spoke on Radio Monte Carlo about Pogba, Messi and the visit of PSG.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, the Barcelona president, spoke with Luis Fernández on Radio Monte Carlo. Speaking in fluent French, Bartomeu discussed Tuesday night’s clash against Paris Saint-Germain, the possibility of Paul Pogba joining Barcelona and other matters.

He said: “Pogba is a great player, but in this moment we are not thinking about additions. It’s true that we have a FIFA sanction that prevents us from recruiting until January 2016. We work so that some players arrive [here], others can leave.

“We are preparing for next season, but we will not provide the names here. Pogba is a good player, one who has a contract with an Italian team that I respect a lot.

“For the moment, it is not expected that we recruit, but everyone wants to have the great players. Also, we have players that the others (clubs) would like to have.”

Bartomeu also used the opportunity shower praise on Lionel Messi.

“We work with a leader like Messi, who is the best in the world, but surely also in history. He has a place here until he decides to quit football,” he said.

Finally, he discussed the forthcoming match against PSG.

He added: “It will be very tough, very difficult, and it’s a Champions League match that must be confronted with the greatest respect.”

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