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Getafe have just 11 outfield players available

Getafe have just 11 outfield players available

Coach Pablo Franco is bringing five members of the academy into the squad.

The situation at Getafe is desperate. They will only have 11 outfield players available for next Saturday’s home match against Levante (8pm), plus three keepers. Both central defenders are out suspended (Alexis, for accumulating five yellow cards) and Velázquez (sent off at San Mamés), and the team is in tatters.

Coach Pablo Franco will have to turn to the Getafe academy and call up five youngsters from the youth teams.

The Getafe squad was weakened this winter with the sale of Michel and Sammir, while the Spanish league have banned the club from making any signings due to their debts. In addition to this situation the club have lost Álvaro, Valera, Yoda and Lafita to long term injury.

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