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"Maths isn't really my thing. In week 31 we are leaders"

"Maths isn't really my thing. In week 31 we are leaders"



Luis Enrique on Neymar's gestures after being substituted: "I don't take any notice of pettiness like that."

Conceding on the break: "When we concede it gets on my nerves, it doesn't matter how it comes. It was the result of an error, but it's no big deal. We're still leaders and committed to improving our performance levels."

2-2 draw: "It doesn't matter if it was fair or not, it can't be changed now."

Liga title: "Maths isn't really my thing. Until the 38th round of fixtures we won't know. In week 31 we are league leaders. The opposition played very well because they are a well-trained side."

Madrid playing in Seville: "I just look at my team and our fixtures. The more difficult the opposition our direct rivals play the better."

Neymar's gestures after being subbed: "I don't take any notice of pettiness like that. It seems to be fashionable and it's nonsense. I am interested in the team winning and what interests you lot doesn't interest me at all."

Change of striker for midfielder: "It's the first time I've done it but it was normal in previous seasons. I wanted to control the match, I thought it was necessary to have more control of the ball. The match went a bit crazy, it cost us in the end having longer periods of possession."

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