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Morata: "I chose the '7' shirt as it was my hero, Raúl’s number"

The Spanish striker spoke to La Sexta TV and had a dig at Ancelotti: "I’m grateful to him, but there were things I didn’t understand so well".


Morata: "I chose the '7' shirt as it was my hero, Raúl’s number" Ampliar

Álvaro Morata spoke to TV network, La Sexta and commented on his reasons for choosing the number 7 shirt: "I chose ‘7’ as it was Raúl’s number and he was my hero. It’s a privilege to be able to wear it", he added.

The current Juventus player also focused on the two coaches he played under at his time in Real Madrid: "Mourinho could have chosen some other player, but he chose me and I`ll be grateful to him for the rest of my life. He also managed to display his unhappiness at the way things went under Ancelotti at the club. “I’m grateful to him, under him I played a Champions League final. There were however, situations that I didn’t understand too well..."

He also took time to praise Cristiano: "In those times, when things weren’t working out, Cristiano was the first to approach me and help me focus. The nicest gesture was getting the ball from my debut match against Levante. I nearly scored and was down about that but Cristiano presented me with his “hat-trick” ball and told me not to worry that I’d score plenty of goals".

Finally, he reviewed his departure from Real Madrid: "It was good for me to leave Madrid. The people who look out for me feel that I’m now better thought of as a player".

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