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Fifa exec: Qatar "not suitable" to host 2022 World Cup

Fifa Executive Committee member Theo Zwanziger says voting process for 2022 tournament should be "rectified."

Reuters / EP

Fifa exec: Qatar "not suitable" to host 2022 World Cup Ampliar
The Khalifa International Stadium in Doha after its renovation.

The former president of the German Football Federation (DFB), Theo Zwanziger, who currently sits on the Fifa Executive Committee, said on Tuesday that the "best solution" to the problems of playing the 2022 World Cup in Qatar would be "not to play" the tournament there and to "rectify" the results of a vote that he considers "erroneous" on the part of the world governing body.

"The best solution would be not to play [the tournament] in Qatar and to rectify this erroneous election. But that can only happen if the reports show sufficient evidence that the election [of Qatar] did not comply with the ethical rules of Fifa," Zwanziger said on Bayern 2.

Fifa has proposed moving the 2022 tournament to winter to avoid the problems the extreme heat in Qatar in summer can cause players and fans. The German is one of the high-ranking members of Fifa who has openly stated his opinion that Qatar shouldn't host the World Cup as he believes that the country "is not suitable to act as host for a World Cup for many reasons," among which he points to the climate.

"Somebody needs to tell candidates to host the World Cup that the sport, football, the clubs, and Fifa represents values that everybody should observe," Zwanziger stated. Qatar has come under criticism for the working conditions of foreign employees building the stadia for the tournament.

Michel García, who was appointed to investigate the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, resigned last December in protest at what he described as a "lack of leadership" within Fifa, thereby leaving unfinished a report that has not been made public after a row with Hans-Joachim Eckert, the president of the Fifa Ethics Committee, over its content.

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