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Coritiba confirm: Madrid Guinness record still on

Coritiba confirm: Madrid Guinness record still on

Madrid’s defeat to Milan in the Dubai Football Challenge will not affect their chances of entering the Guinness Book of Records.

Real Madrid’s defeat to AC Milan in the Dubai Football Challenge on 30 December had fans of Brazilian club Coritiba FC, who hold the Guinness world record for consecutive victories, revelling in delight.

Coritiba set the world record after stringing together 24 consecutive matches between 3 February and 5 May 2011 in the Campeonato Paranaense and the Copa do Brasil. Madrid meanwhile, went to Dubai with 22 straight wins under their belt, only to lose to Milan in a winter friendly. Coritiba claimed today that the record concerns “official games only” meaning that for Madrid, the record is still on.

The Brazilian outfit cleared the matter up on their oficial Twitter account: "We would like to remind those who watched the Milan-Real Madrid game that the world record for consecutive victories applies solely to official matches. To confirm the record, Coritiba entered a lengthy process with Guinness World Records during which the rules and regulations were explained in depth (this is outlined, in Brazilian, on the club’s official web page). Therefore, under Guinness guidelines, Coritiba are still the team who has managed the most consecutive victories and we will be watching Real Madrid’s next games with interest”.

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