"Ancelotti is the perfect coach for Real Madrid"

"Ancelotti is the perfect coach for Real Madrid"

Former Italy and Milan manager praises his compatriot: "Three teams have reinvented football: Ajax, Milan and Barcelona. I hope that Real will be the fourth."

"He has an ability to manage football and people that nobody else does. There are many great coaches, but they don't stand out like Carlo does. Madrid are improving a lot, as they did last season, even though they changed several players," Arrigo Sacchi said during an appearance on Spanish radio.

"Now that he has settled, Kroos is playing magnificently. It took some time to achieve; it's like an orchestra that needs a pianist and is given a violinist. In one team I needed a defender and they bought Rivaldo," Sacchi noted. "Carlo is a fantastic man, a good person. He is very intelligent. He could be a doctor in psychology. He is the perfect coach for Real Madrid, he is capable of taking them to a different level. They could yet get even better, but Carlo won't let it go to his head. When you start thinking that everything is easy, that's when you lose."

"Three teams in history have reinvented football: Ajax, Milan and Barcelona. I hope that Real Madrid will be the fourth."

Sacchi, a former Italy, AC Milan and Atlético manager who was sporting director at Real during the 2004-05 season, also identified some of Real's weaknesses: "The team needs to defend better during some phases of play, because now you have to defend with 11."

On the subject of Barcelona, Sacchi noted: "Barcelona are learning, they are better now that a few months ago. They still have phases without possession."

Regarding his profession, Sacchi stated that: "There are coaches who follow the latest trends and others who embrace older methods; then there are four geniuses. And Guardiola is one of them."

Sacchi also had few kind words for Italian football: "Football in Italy has never been clearly defined. It's a country that finds it hard to renew itself, in every sense. When someone comes along who tries to do things differently, they set out to finish him, as they tried to do to me. The press, which has the power, looked fearfully at me because they didn't understand what I was trying to do. But between 1989 and 2002 we had eight Champions League finalists and 10 in the Uefa Cup from Italy. It was total Italian domination. Now we are down below. I hear that there is a lack of money but that's not the case... it's a lack of ideas, work and evolution."

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