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"Truthfully the penalty was unfair; we were playing well"

"Truthfully the penalty was unfair; we were playing well"

alejandro ruesga


Celta defender Jonny believes controversial penalty decision made it impossible for his side to take the game to Real.

Celta Vigo defender Jonny spoke after Saturday's match and was not happy about the penalty awarded against him, which Cristiano Ronaldo scored to give Real a 1-0 lead.

The match: "We tried to hold on to the ball and to launch counter attacks but we're leaving with a bitter taste in our mouths because we wanted to do something big. We'll continue trying to improve and next weekend is another match."

Cristiano Ronaldo: "As much him as the rest of the Madrid team, when they come at you with everything it's very difficult. We kept our concentration but they got away in the end and won the game."

Penalty: "Truthfully it was unfair, we were playing well. It's true that I made contact but he went down easily. And the goal gave them the chance to go on the front foot and play their game. When Real go ahead it's difficult to turn it around, we tried with everything we've got but it was impossible."

Crisis in results: "Not at all, the team is in a good situation and next week we're playing Málaga, who are like us, so it will be a good game to see where we're at."

Celta vice president Pedro Posada was also quizzed about the penalty incident and expressed similar dissatisfaction: "If I don't say it I won't be comfortable: it wasn't a penalty, and the decision made the rest of the game difficult."

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