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Man injured in fight between ultras dies in hospital

Man injured in fight between ultras dies in hospital



Rival ultra factions were involved in a running battle near the Calderón on Sunday morning. The deceased man was beaten and thrown into the Manzanares river.

A man who was seriously injured in a fight between ultras ahead of the Atlético-Deportivo match at the Vicente Calderón early on Sunday morning has been pronounced dead, a spokesman for the San Carlos hospital in Madrid has confirmed.

Divers from the Madrid emergency fire services pulled the 43-year-old man from the Manzanares river during the street battle, which also resulted in a number of other injuries.

The same sources reported that the man suffered serious head injuries and hypothermia, and had also suffered a heart attack. He was admitted to hospital and underwent emergency cardiac treatment with doctors also attempting to increase his body temperature. However, a hospital spokesman confirmed that attempts to resuscitate the man were unsuccessful and confirmed his death at 2.30pm.

Of the others injured in the fight, three suffered injuries inflicted by sharp objects and three others head injuries. The remainder suffered varying light injuries and a policeman had his finger broken. The confrontation started at around nine am, three hours before the match was scheduled to begin. The running battle between rival ultra factions continued in the streets surrounding Atlético’s stadium for around an hour.



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