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Bartomeu: "Leo Messi is happy; his father told me so"

Bartomeu: "Leo Messi is happy; his father told me so"

The Barcelona president insisted that “he hasn’t asked for another contract renewal”.

Barcelona president Jordi Bartomeu spoke to the TV channel 8TV about Leo Messi and his commitment to the club. He also said that they had spoken with Gerard Piqué about avoiding a recurrence of recent incidents with the police and the mobile phone use during the Catalan Super Cup.

Messi’s situation: “Leo is really happy at our club; his father has told me so, although he’s been under great deal of pressure off the pitch. He hasn’t asked us for a new contract renewal. No, no. He’s happy. We always help the players at this club, and Guardiola also said the same a few years ago. Leo is happy at Barça.”

The campaign against Messi: “They’re more concerned with him vomiting than his records. They want to beat him off the pitch; on the pitch he’s the number 1”.

Luis Enrique: "I expect a great deal from him, and the team. We have a lot of faith in Luis.”

Piqué’s behaviour: "We’ve spoken with Piqué; these events mustn’t happen again.”

Vermaelen: "We knew he was injured when we signed him. Now he’s available for selection.”

Zubizarreta: He’s doing a good job. He’s got more things right than wrong. I fully trust him. I’m aware that people question him, but he does the most difficult job. We’ll talk again in May.”


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