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Linares: “Cristiano is good but I’ve always been a fan of Raúl”

Miguel Linares is creating a stir in Spanish football with his 18 goals this season for Real Oviedo. He currently equals Cristiano as joint highest goal scorer in Spain.

Nacho Azparren

Linares: “Cristiano is good but I’ve always been a fan of Raúl” Ampliar
Real Oviedo player, Miguel Linares | Eloy Alonso

—You’ve finally caught up with Cristiano.

—I never thought I’d reach this figure as they are spectacular statistics. Fortunately I’ve been able to take advantage of him being away on international duty to tie with him.

—Have you been setting Cristiano’s goal scoring tally as an objective?

—No, never..It’s something I thought was well out of reach. I have great admiration for him, he’s a complete player. I enjoy watching him play but never envisaged that I would have direct competition with him.

—Is Cristiano someone you look to emulate?

—Cristiano is a great player but I’ve always been a fan of Raúl. I’ve learned a lot about playing football from watching him. He’s a great reference point, he may not have Cristiano’s attributes or brilliance but through attitude and effort, he has become a global icon.

—Is this the best moment of your career?

—Without a doubt. I’ve done a few interviews in the past, but never this amount. I handle it fine, my wife less so. She gets agitated to see me always talking on the mobile although she understands the situation..

—What is the significance of the black wristband you kiss after scoring?

—It’s a reminder of my parents. My father died ten years ago and my mother passed away in January. Since her death, I changed the colour of the wristband, from white to black.

—The fans of Real Oviedo adore you.

—It’s impossible to talk about the Oviedo fans without having experienced their passion. For the league game in León, there were 4.000 traveling supporters there and it by passed my expectations. After the game, I approached team-mate, Esteban and said to him: “Just for this, it’s been worthwhile singing for Oviedo”. The club now have 15.000 season ticket holders. How can you explain that for team in our league category, 2B?

—You’re now 32, does it bother you, never having played in the top flight?

—More than a concern, it’s a dream. A friend of mine, Pelegrín, made his first division debut for Elche at the age of 34. Why shouldn’t that happen to me too ? If Oviedo can secure consecutive promotions then in two seasons it will be a reality. It’s a dream to play in the top flight and wear the Oviedo shirt.


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