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"Mourinho doesn't mind humiliating his players"

Almería coach Francisco Rodríguez says Chelsea boss "maybe doesn't have any affection for them as human beings."


"Mourinho doesn't mind humiliating his players" Ampliar
Francisco Rodríguez (left) on the touchline. | MANUEL BRUQUE

Almería manager Francisco Rodríguez launched a surprising attack on Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho during the Nexa Forum on sports management held in the Andaslusian city on Thursday.

"Messi will be grateful to all of the teammates he has had during his professional career. The only person I know who is happy to get individual awards, and he said the same thing himself at a ceremony this week, is Cristiano Ronaldo. But he is a very good player and you have to be very good to say that," said Rodríguez when asked about the records of the Argentinean star during a debate. Almería and Barcelona meet this weekend at the Juegos del Meditteráneo.

When asked about other coaches, and those that inspire him or follow similar methodology, Rodríguez cited Diego Simeone and Pep Guardiola. But the Almería boss reserved some scathing criticism for Chelsea manager Mourinho: "We all know that he gets a lot out of his teams, although maybe he doesn't have that much affection for them as human beings; we have seen clear examples that he doesn't mind humiliating them."

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