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Benzema: “I’m just 26 and the best is yet to come...”

Benzema: “I’m just 26 and the best is yet to come...”



Karim has scored in six consecutive games and has notched 10 goals this season. He’s the 14th top scorer in the history of Real Madrid.

—Five goals in four Champions League games. Could it be said that this is the best moment of your career?

—It’s not easy to say that it’s the best moment, I really don’t know. I feel good, training hard and things are working well. I’m only 26 years old, so I really believe that the best years of my career are still yet to come.

—Do you feel you’ve matured professionally?

—I’ve always heard that a player hits the high point of his professional career when he turns 26. I hope this applies for me too.

—You’re scoring freely at present. Are you worried this run will come to an end soon?

—For me, scoring goals isn’t the most important thing. What I aspire for is being involved in the collective play so we as a team create chances. There will be times when I score goals, and other times when this won’t happen...

—You appear to be faster, stronger. You’re in great form in every aspect of your game at the moment...

—I’m pushing myself in training. Before the squad training at Valdebebas, I arrive earlier and work on improving the muscles in my legs. This helps me during matches.

—Apart from scoring, you are providing assists  too. Are you enjoying this aspect of your game?

—I love football; I love playing well and providing assists to my team-mates. If I see a player in a better scoring opportunity, I’ll pass them the ball.

—On Tuesday’s game against Liverpool, you kept trying to put Cristiano through during the entire game. Are you keen to help him in beating Raúl’s record?

—We didn’t speak about this matter before the game, but sure, I’d like to see Cristiano score. I passed to him as I was keen for him to score. There was to be no goal, but with Cristiano, there’s no need for alarm, if it wasn`t Tuesday, it will be in the next game. The goal is imminent and he’ll break the record for sure.

—Carlo Ancelotti has always supported you…

—I’ve always counted on his support since his arrival at the club. In the same way that Florentino Pérez, our president has supported me too through the years. I remember being whistled at here in Madrid or playing for France but know it was due to the hopes’ that the fans had deposited in me.

—What stands out for you in this Real Madrid team?

—We’re really enjoying playing together. It reflects the union that we share as a team. We know that even players on the bench can come on and change things, they can turn games around. That is a vital plus.

—“Together” is a word you use a lot…

—It’s important that we all get on and that’s the case at the moment. We’re like a family. We enjoy being together.

—What is the difference between this Madrid team compared to previous sides?

—We know each other much better. We have a great collective quality and a desire to win. Irrespective of the magnitude of the game the teams is always motivated. With the likes of James, Kroos and Isco, we have great ball-players. We control games better nowadays.



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