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Luis Suárez: "At the Bernabéu I felt lost tactically"

It was one of Suárez’s responses in an interview with RAC-1. When speaking about the Ballon d’Or he said “I prefer to keep quiet to avoid problems”.


Luis Suárez: "At the Bernabéu I felt lost tactically" Ampliar
The Uruguayan is honoured to play alongside Messi, Neymar and Iniesta.

“I prefer to keep quiet to avoid problems.” That was one of the Barcelona star’s responses when he was asked about his omission from the 23-man Ballon d’Or shortlist. Suárez gave an interview to the journalist Raül Llimòs on the programme ‘Al Primer Toc’ on RAC-1 ahead of Barça’s trip to Amsterdam, where the striker will come up against his old team Ajax.

Ballon d’Or: “Everyone brings it to attention, as Gerard Piqué said, and what he told me is that they voted me as the best player in the most difficult league in the world, or one of the most difficult. I was also the highest goalscorer of all of the European leagues. But I prefer to keep quiet before saying things because every time that I speak there could be a problem.”

The match against Celta: “When the ball does not want to go in, well, it does not want to go in. Obviously some good things were done and bad things that we have to correct.”

His debut at the Bernabéu: “As time goes on you become more accustomed. I took time training with them. At the Bernabéu I felt lost tactically, messy, and not well coordinated. This week we worked to improve.”

Messi: “Even though there are people who doubt him, everyone knows what he has won. To play next to them, with Neymar, with Iniesta, is a pleasure. They must be complemented.”

Relationship with Messi and Mascherano: “The cultures of Argentina and Uruguay are similar. The mate (drink), the afternoons together with the families are good and it gives you support. Not because it is Leo but because it is South American and we gather a lot.”

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