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"Cristiano is worth one billion euros and will not leave Madrid"

"Cristiano is worth one billion euros and will not leave Madrid"

Mendes, Cristiano’s agent, has reassured Real Madrid and says that the star will be there for a while. “He’s going to continue improving until he’s 40.”

In Manchester they dream about re-signing Cristiano. Some of the supporters even hired a plane to ask him to return to Old Trafford. Should Real Madrid fans be concerned about the possible departure of Cristiano to United at the end of the season?

—Cristiano is very happy at Real Madrid and he has always been so. He is going to break all of the club records that he can break at the club and he will retire here. He has the affection of United because his heart was there for six years and he has a lot of respect for the people that show him affection, but he is with his club and the Real Madrid fans until the death. He only thinks about Madrid and he will always remain here. Another thing is that he respects the people that remember him, but he is with Real Madrid until the death.

But has someone from United been in touch with you to try to sign him?

—I have not received calls from anyone because people know that is impossible to take Cristiano from Madrid, so it is not worth calling to ask for him.

Hypothetically, how much would he cost if someone tried to sign him?

—The price that is stated in his release clause – one billion euros.

And what is his limit? Each season he gives more, and this season he has started by scoring a lot of goals.

—We are never going to find one like him, he is unrivalled. It’s true that he is better each time and he is going to keep improving until he’s 40. Cristiano does not have limits. When he finishes his career, it is going to be impossible for someone to break his records.

Which other sportsman in history could you compare him to?

—In addition to being the best footballer in history, he is the greatest athlete of all time. You cannot compare him with anyone. He is the best player in the biggest sport in the world, in which there is more competition than in any other. For that he is the best sportsman in the world. There will not be anyone like him in the next 50 years.

Does it seem to you that we can already speak of Cristiano as the Di Stéfano of the 21st century?

—With the greatest respect to Di Stéfano, you cannot compare them. If there is a best player in history it is Cristiano because in these times all athletes compete to the limit and they are much better prepared physically. I repeat that Cristiano is the best of all time.

How is Cristiano on a personal level?

—You know him well, you know perfectly, because there are many examples, that he is the number one when it comes to helping people that need it. In addition to that, he is a very humble person. A great father. He is a son that any mother would want to have. He cares about his friends. He has so many nice qualities that it is impossible to describe him.

We’ve seen that he has already scored 17 goals this season – what tally do you think he can achieve?

—I’m sure that he will beat his personal record (60 goals) if he does not have any physical problems. For Cristiano nothing is impossible and he is going to continue evolving and improving until he retires. Notice how Cristiano is a winger – he’s not a striker – and his numbers are outrageous. He plays very far from goal and has to make significant efforts to arrive into the box. For that, there is even greater merit in all that he is achieving.

And how is he finding himself physically at the moment? Has he overcome the problems that plagued him toward the end of last season?

—He finds himself in the same way the whole world sees him - phenomenal.

What is Cristiano’s unfulfilled dream?

—His dream is to win another Champions League. His dreams are always short term. He always wants more and more. It’s impossible to find someone equal to him in the history of sport.

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