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Senna: “Del Bosque’s right to gradually rebuild the team”

Senna: “Del Bosque’s right to gradually rebuild the team”

Marcos Senna played a key part Spain’s glory-filled years; the midfielder is currently on the books with New York Cosmos.

What are your thoughts on the new stage in Spain’s reconstruction?

It’s a time of transformation. Spain has a very good base of players and those who have been brought in are all first choice regulars with their respective clubs and they’re great players too. Del Bosque has got it right to gradually revamp the side. It would be a mistake to perform a radical overhaul – Casillas, Iniesta and company are key pieces of the team.

You always praise Del Bosque even though he left you out of the World Cup squad...

Of course I was quite upset about that at the time. But I had the chance to get to know him and I can’t deny that he’s an extraordinary man. I wasn’t the only one he left out – he didn’t call Navas, Cazorla, Diego López... He had to make a difficult choice. I have never spoken badly of him because I have no reason to. I don’t hold anything against him. He deserves to continue in the job because he won the World Cup and the European championships, you can’t get more credit than that.

Would it be better to think that winning the World Cup again is a tall order?

Not at all, we have a good recent example in Germany who maintain the same backbone of the side and won with great superiority. Spain can win the World Cup again. After what happened in Brazil, Spain will be more focused on their work.

Speaking of Brazil, did you understand the decision made with Diego Costa?

Of course! I don’t know the full details of what happened but I do know that it mustn’t have been an easy decision to make. He had to make up his mind quickly and at the time, he felt that he had the support of the Spanish Federation. It was a little bit similar for me but in my case, Brazil hadn’t called me. For Costa, it must have been much more difficult.

Is your experience of playing in the United States helping you?

Yes, a lot; it was what I was searching for when I left Villarreal. I wanted to get to know America and join an historic club. My family has adapted well and as for the football side, they play a very direct game in the NASL although at Cosmos, the coach prefers us to play a more passing game.

Will you end your career at Cosmos?

Yes, I’m 38 now and I know that I haven’t got long left in the game. I have no need to go looking for a new adventure. I’m happy here, I’m not under any pressure – only the pressure we put on ourselves. 8,000 spectators came to watch us last year and that figure has now dropped to around 3,000. If we win, there is a party atmosphere but if we lose, it doesn’t really matter.

From afar, how do you see your old club Villarreal?

They have a very solid project. Villarreal is a very serious club which does things well. I think the team is going to have a great season. I always follow them whenever I can – it’s my home. I’ve been away for a while but my plan is to return and live close by. And If I have the chance to form part of the club in any way I would be absolutely delighted.

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