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Casillas: "We weren't good enough"

Real Madrid captain pulled no punches after his side threw away a two-goal lead in Anoeta.


Casillas: "We weren't good enough" Ampliar
Iker Casillas during Real Madrid's defeat at Real Sociedad. | FELIPE SEVILLANO

Iker Casillas was blunt and to the point after Real Sociedad's 4-2 win over Real Madrid in Anoeta on Sunday night.

Self-criticism: "Firstly, we have to congratulate Real Sociedad. What happened isn't normal, we were terrible, we didn't play well at all. We shouldn't have let this match get away from us in the way we did. Everything that needs to be done to improve we have to do, because we wear an important crest on our shirts and this is not the example we should be showing."

Set pieces: "We have to be sharper and watch out for these moves. We have to pay more attention, but not just the defence; we all defend corners."

Fallout: "We have to ignore all of that. You [reporters] are the ones who should debate among yourselves but what we have to do is to give vent to it in the dressing room because this must not happen again."

Lessons: "Maybe the image we have given is not as it should be. We must not forget this match. These are things that stay in the dressing room, here there is nobody to blame because those who were on the pitch weren't good enough. La Real played their game, they didn't let their heads drop and you have to praise them. We can't take anything away from this match.

Form: "I am not in the worst moment of my career."

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