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I’m not amongst the world's best centre-backs - Piqué

I’m not amongst the world's best centre-backs - Piqué

Gerard Piqué spoke about the possibility of another central defender arriving at Barça in today’s press conference.

It was Gerard Piqué’s turn to answer questions from the media this morning following the first of two training sessions at St George’s Park.

Raring to go: “The training sessions are different – they’re more dynamic and longer than what we are used to. It’s going to be another long season and we have to be physically prepared as soon as possible for all of the challenges that we’ll face during the campaign”.

Chance for Barça to redeem themselves: “It’s always a fiasco when you don’t win one of the major tournaments. We came close, but we let the league slip from our grasp. If we can step up another level then we’ll be closer to winning something. We are at a good level now but we have to maximise it. All of the ingredients are there for a good season and it all starts here, at St. George’s Park”.

Mathieu: “Jérémy is adapting really well. We have been working on tactics and he is picking it all up very quickly. His experience in the Liga BBVA will help him – he’s watched Barça and played against us”.

Days off: “We rest when we are back at the hotel; we’ve been staging a billiards tournament. We’ve been using our free time to get to know the new arrivals a little better. Who won the billiards tournament? Me! (laughs)”.

Signing another centre-back: “For the characteristics he has, Mathieu will do well – he’s fast, strong, tall and left-footed, which is something we haven’t had until now. It’s not up to me to say whether we have the centre-back slot well covered or not”.

Consistency: “I don’t consider myself to be amongst the best centre-backs in the world. I need to work to build my reputation. It’s a personal challenge for me to be amongst the best again but with Luis Enrique, I’m sure that I will return to reclaim my place amongst the top defenders”.

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