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"I'll decide who the keeper is from the off"

Real Madrid manager spoke to the press in Los Angeles, and said that James is a long-term signing


"I'll decide who the keeper is from the off"

How has the summer transfer market been for you?

The club is doing a great job. The two players that we've signed are very important. They will improve the squad. We have a great and competitive squad. .

Have you asked for Keylor Navas?

Keylor isn't a Real Madrid player. Right now we have the same three keepers as last year. We are in pre-season. Iker only started training today. For us the goalkeeper isn't an issue. Last year there were debates about it, but not for me. I'm going to decide at the start of the season who will be the starting keeper.

Pisczek of Borussia Dortmund has been linked to Madrid. Is here any truth in the rumour?

We have Dani and Arbeloa. Also, Kroos and James can play in different positions. They know they have the position in the centre of the park. We don't need Pisczek. It doesn't mean he isn't a good player, just that we have that position covered.

Is Di María leaving?

Di María is a Real Madrid player. There's a lot more competition with Kroos and James, but I think at all big clubs there's competition.

You face two Italian sides this pre-season…

They're two sides who have had a good summer. They've signed important players. Everyone wants to prepare well. The result isn't everything. Inter have changed more than Roma, but they've signed a top player in Iturbe.

Will there be rotation in goal again?

Last year we decided in pre-season. Now is different to last season. Iker starts at the same level as the others. I'm going to make a decision on the goalkeeper like last season.

Did you actually need to sign James?

Madrid's history will tell you that they always want to have the best players and ones with a future. We have signed one of the World Cup's stars. You need these kinds of players for the future, not just for the present, too.

Spain had a bad World Cup. If you compare Iker to Keylor in Brazil, which would be number one?

(Laughs)Right now comparing Casillas with Navas is very easy. Spain's bad World Cup was just likes Italy's and England's. Spain won the World Cup in 2010, and these things happen in football. Spain will once again be competitive soon.

Why isn't James in the USA?

James finished the World Cup on 30 June and needs a month of holidays and a break. He will start on 1 August with Benzema and Varane (in Valdebebas)


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