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Bale: "Hopefully James can bring his World Cup form here"

The Welshman spoke to the press following training at UCLA, with the new Colombian star high on the agenda.


Following today's training session, Gareth Bale spoke to the press at the North Athletic Field at UCLA. The Wales international reviewed last season and talked about the individual and collective goals for this season.

Will we see a more consistent Bale this season?

My adaptation last season was difficult because I didn't have a pre-season. This season I feel like I'm training well. Hopefully the preparation helps us achieve our objectives this season.

How difficult was your adaptation to life at Real Madrid?

When you first arrive it's hard. But a lot of the players speak English and that was useful for me. It was a huge change. It took a while but with time I'm feeling good.

What most surprised you when you came to Real Madrid?

I spoke to a lot of players before coming here. Last season we won the Champions League and hopefully we can repeat it.

What advice would you give James?

Obviously it's hard to adapt. The first is to get on the pitch and find a place to play. Then put down roots in the city. The club helped me a lot.

What do you make of him as footballer?

He's shown that he's a great player. When someone comes to Madrid they join the best in the world. I hope James can do what he did at the World Cup with us.

There are six titles to play for this season. IS it special to play for the first one in your home country?

We play for six titles and we want to win each one. The European Supercup is very special as it's being played in Cardiff and is the first trophy that we want to win. We will fight for all of them.

Is the Spanish league the best in the world?

The Spanish league is the most exciting and the world's best players are in the league. Barça and Real Madrid always fight for the Champions League. We are attracting the best players and the league is more exciting. It's an honour to play in this league.

On a personal level what can you improve?

I want to improve each season: give more assists, score more... I want to improve everything. .

How's the Spanish coming along?

I'm learning!

Is there more pressure this season?

I don't know to be honest. It's an exciting season when you're the best team in Europe. I don't know if there will be more pressure this season, but each member of this side wants to win everything. We want to retain our Champions League title.

What is the side's secret?

We have a great team spirit which helps us on and off the pitch. It's difficult to retain the Champions League, but we will try.

How do you see the passion for 'soccer' in the USA?

They're improving a lot. The standard of play has improved a lot. There are a lot of players who come to play in this league. The level has increased a lot.

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