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Sabella to leave Argentina win or lose

The coach's agent has confirmed that he will leave following Sunday's final, irrespective of the game's outcome.


Alejandro Sabell's agent, Eugenio López, has confirmed that the coach will leave his post with the national team following the World Cup. "He's off. Whatever happens, Sabella will be leaving the national side. If they're champion or not, it's the end of a cycle", said the agent to newspaper Olé. 

López said that the decision was taken from "day one". "At least that's what I believe. He might change his mind, but I doubt it", added the coach's agent two days before the final in Brazil.

"Alejandro's idea is different to the board's (who want him to continue). Cycles end. He was always going to finish the World Cup and say goodbye to the side".

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