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Di María undergoing stem cell treatment in bid to make final

Di María undergoing stem cell treatment in bid to make final

The Argentina player has a grade one tear in his quadriceps. The treatment is to repair tissue and reduce pain and inflammation.

The squad had already arrived in the heart of the Brazilian night in Belo Horizonte. They'd left behind the sorrow of Di María in the dressing room of the Mané Garrincha in Brasilia, who before undergoing routine drugs testing, had been told by Argentina team doctors that he had a grade one tear in his right quadriceps. The player was crushed. But also determined to fight for a miracle, that of recovering from the injury in just eight days, in order to be fit for the final on 13 July, should Argentina make it. “I want to be ready. I’ll do anything to be fit, because if we get to the final, I want to be there, the lads the need me”, said DI María to the doctors, in the privacy of the training installations at Cidade de Galo, in Vespasiano.

His determination led to him hardly sleeping last night, instead putting himself directly in the hands of the doctors to give him stem cell treatment. Something he’s done previously with Real Madrid. And just as he didn’t miss the Champions League final and ended up being vital for his side in the outcome of that match, he’s now not willing to miss a historic match in the Maracaná. If Argentina make it, Di María wants to be available.

The stem cell treatment is designed to repair tissue and reduce pain and inflammation, regenerating damaged cells. The treatment, which also includes platelet rich plasma, is seen in the Argentinean camp as the most natural and biological method of repairing and regenerating damaged tissues.

In addition to the stem cell treatment, the player will apply the standard RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) treatment, along with non-painful stretching, exercises in the swimming pool and a detailed, specific, kinesiology treatment plan.

Di María is now in another sprint, against the clock, in a bid to be ready for the World Cup final, should Argentina be there...

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