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Wilmots: "Argentina are an ordinary team"

The Belgian coach spoke after his side had been dumped out of the World Cup by Argentina.


Marc Wilmots, coach of Belgium, struggled to explain why his side had lost to Argentina 1-0 in the World Cup quarter-finals: “It’s hard to know why we lost. In the first place we saw how experienced the Argentines are. They affected the rhythm of the game, breaking it up, taking 30 seconds to take a throw-in. And they were allowed to do it. I’m proud of the lads. They put in a lot of effort and I can’t say anything bad about them. I want to thank the guys for how they fought. There were people crying in the dressing room. We weren’t impressed by Argentina, they are an ordinary side. But we lost. I think we made mistakes, but I always look to the team. We showed we’re a good side, but they didn’t let us have any space".

He also said he didn't think Belgium had been beaten by the better side, "if we equalise in the last seconds they are dead", he said.

Wilmots was also surprised by what had happened with Messi: “He committed three or four fouls and the referee did nothing. Messi is a formidable player. He holds the ball well when they need that”.

The Belgian coach finally concluded that his side had to "lose gracefully", saying "that's what I'm doing".

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