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FIFA to meet with Barça on 19 August to discuss the Masia case

Club executives will set out their case to the governing body regarding the transfer ban for signing under-age players.

Barcelona, who are involved in this summer’s transfer market having had their transfer ban for signing under-age players suspended pending appeal, have an audience with FIFA on 19 August in Zurich. There they will explain to football’s governing body why the signed these players, among them Seung Woo Lee, whose presence at the club led to the punishment.

An anonymous complaint set the process in motion that led to FIFA applying the tough punishment to Barcelona, prohibiting them from taking part in this summer's transfer market as well as next winter's. Subsquently FIFA announced the suspension of the sentence to allow for an appeal, meaning the Catalan club are able to buy and sell this summer. “We’re carrying out an investigation to find out who made the anonymous complaint. We want to get to the bottom of this, though we have our suspicions”, said Bartomeu. The Barcelona president visited Blatter, FIFA president, on 6 May to discuss the situation.

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