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Messi’s grandfather: “Leo doesn’t convince me at the moment”

Antonio Cuccitini pulled no punches when talking about his grandson in an interview with Channel 3 Rosario.


Messi’s grandfather: “Leo doesn’t convince me at the moment” Ampliar
Messi's grandfather wants a bit more.

Antonio Cuccitini, Lionel Messi’s grandfather on his mother’s side had some surprising things to say about his grandchild, stating that the player hasn’t “convinced” him at the World Cup. “Right now Leo isn’t running, I’m not convinced by him. I’m truthful and I don’t have time for hot air” he said on Channel 3 from Rosario, where Messi was born.

“I think he’s been pretty poor. In Spain he’s got more zip, he goes round 22 players. He needs to get his spark back”, said Cuccitini.

However it wasn’t all bad, with Messi’s grandfather saying that he thought Messi “would get better”. “You can’t demand everything. He’s not God, who can do it all. Praise be that he got the goal against Iran and we’ve qualified.” He finished by sending his grandson a message: “Keep your chin up, you’ll do great, I love you lots.”

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