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Torres: “We won’t be taking unnecessary risks with Costa”

Torres: “We won’t be taking unnecessary risks with Costa”



“If the coach calls him, it means that he’s fit to play,” the Chelsea striker told reporters in Tuesday’s press conference.

Borja Maroto Seguir

Fernando Torres appeared before the media on Tuesday – the second day of Spain’s preparations for this week’s friendly meeting with Bolivia.

Diego Costa: “It’s a completely different situation – having a muscular injury is not the same as recovering from an operation. The player has to know what conditions he is in but there are doctors and physiotherapists who can help design a rehabilitation programme; they will know whether he is able to recover and be fit in time for the World Cup. With a muscular injury, we’re talking about weeks or less if the player is able to recover quickly. If the coach has called him, he must feel confident that he will recover in time for the tournament. At the Federation, they don’t run unnecessary risks”.

Was there ever a moment when you thought that you might not get called again? “I’ve never thought that I had played my last game for Spain. I’m excited to be back, I’ve been through so much here. Many of the most memorable moments of my career happened here with the national team. Physically, I’m in good shape and I feel absolutely fine. For one reason or another, it’s been 10 months since I was last called; sometimes it was because I was injured. You always have doubts because Spain have a lot of quality forwards who are doing well. I was ready for both scenarios – being called or being left out. I have the same feeling of excitement I had on my first day when I made my debut against Portugal. Of course a lot has changed within the national team since then but the general feeling is the same – we believe in what we can do”.

Spain’s group stage opponents: “Chile are a great side, we’ve played against them a few times during the past few years. For us, facing Holland will bring back a lot of happy memories. They will want to get their revenge and for both us is the opening game of the World Cup. We don’t want to make any mistakes this time, like we did against Switzerland; we want to put ourselves under pressure right at the start. There are several first class teams who are going to push us right to the limit. On Friday, we all want to know whether we will be in the definitive list”.

World Cup experience: “If I make the list, this will be my third World Cup finals. We learned a lot at 2006 Germany and 2010 South Africa cannot ever be matched. We have to go into the tournament with enough humility to be able to enjoy it. When this team enjoys playing football, the results follow suit”.

End of an era? “Looking at the current Spain side, there are a few players who could make the next World Cup finals. Some of course won’t but we are not under any pressure. The World Cup is too important to think only of yourself”.

Do you see yourself in the starting line-up? “At the moment, I just see myself as part of the squad for this game against Bolivia. After that we’ll see what the boss decides. I’m sure all of the players are ready if they are called to start”.

Possible Atlético return? “As I mentioned earlier, physically I am fine. It’s the press, journalists who are saying that this is my last World Cup, not me. It’s the national team who leaves you and not the other way around. I have two years on my contract and that’s how it is. Right now, I am only concerned with the national team and nothing else”.

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