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"Madrid? Everyone wants to play in the Champions League"

The Swiss-born Croatia international spoke to German media 'Kicker' ahead of the upcoming Europa League final


Iván Rakitic, the captain and star player of Sevilla spoke to 'Kicker' in Germany ahead of the upcoming Europa League final against Benfica. The Croat was optimistic: "The whole side are excited by the game. Benfica might have more experience, but there's no favourite. They lost the Europa League final last year, and we've got to put them under pressure. We don't have players like Luis Fabiano anymore, we're a side in transition but we are hungry and young".

The central midfielder also spoke of his life in Seville: "My life change a lot here. I have matured, become a father, and had a wonderful time. The Rakitic of today is nothing like the old one". The player has been linked to big teams across Europe, and on the subject said: "Madrid? We've got to wait for the final, and the World Cup, then we'll see. This year we've taken a big step forward, but all players want to play in the Champions League".

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