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"Cristiano is not one hundred percent so we won't risk it"

Ancelotti confirmed that the Portugal international is ruled out against Celta, as are Carvajal, Pepe, Varane and Di María. Nevertheless, Arbeloa and Khedira are set to feature in Vigo.


“I prefer not to take any risks. Cristiano Ronaldo won’t play tomorrow. If there was a final tomorrow I would try it, but it’s not a final. He’ll try to play against Espanyol. Varane, Pepe, Di María and Carvajal won’t be available either. We’re going to try to do as much as we can because mathematically anything can happen. We’ll put out a side to go for the win. We’re not thinking about the Champions League final,” Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti said.

Cristiano: “We’ve won many games without Cristiano. He’s a key player for us but I always say it’s better not to take any risks. At the moment he’s not one hundred percent and we have to try to win without him."

Joint decision: “It has been made by everyone, and we’ve all decided that he won’t play.”

Arbeloa and Khedira: “They’re available and we’ll decide later on where to play them. I have to see if that’s from the start or later on, in the second half when there is less intensity in the game. They’ll play for sure. Khedira is fine and has the go-ahead from the medical staff. He’s very confident and is really up for playing. He can’t play ninety minutes but his physical and mental condition is good, as is Arbeloa’s. They’ve both worked really hard with an incredible professional.”

Modric’s role: “He’s always felt comfortable. Xabi Alonso’s presence has helped him a lot. They’re a good pairing. He has played with a lot of personality and has done a good job.”

Morale: “The team has not been happy with the last two draws and they have to react. We don’t have any doubts for the final. We’ve lost important points and now we have to try to win. Tomorrow the league could either be over or more open. There have been a lot of surprises and we have to be ready if there are more.”

Celta: “They are a side that plays offensive football and with an attractive style. I’m expecting a good team. Our defence has to be very good and have control. Celta have very quick players and we have to do our best. Our goal is to win because anything can happen.”

The recent slump: “It’s nothing new in football. The same happened to Atlético against Levante. We used a lot of energy in the semi-finals. Now we’ve recovered but we’ve paid the price.”


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