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Blatter: "What Dani Alves tolerated last night is an outrage"

FIFA's president condemned Sunday's incident at El Madrigal, promising "zero tolerance" at the World Cup. "We must fight all forms of discrimination," he said.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has railed against the incident that saw a banana thrown at Barcelona defender Dani Alves during a Liga BBVA match against Villarreal, and has declared that there will be “zero tolerance” at this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

“What Dani Alves tolerated last night is an outrage,” Blatter posted on his Twitter profile on Monday afternoon. “We must fight all forms of discrimination united. Will be zero tolerance at World Cup.”

During Sunday’s match at the Estadio El Madrigal, Alves took a bite out of a banana thrown from the stands as he readied himself to take a corner kick.

The incident, which took place in the 75th minute of Barça’s 3-2 win over the ‘Submarino Amarillo’, was included in referee David Fernández Borbalán’s match report.

“In minute 75, as the visiting team’s no. 22, Don Daniel Alves Da Silva, prepared to take a corner kick in the area close to assistant referee no. 2, a banana was thrown from the stands. It was quickly picked up by the previously mentioned player, who ate a portion and threw the rest away outside of the field of play. The match was then resumed as normal,” wrote the official.

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