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I've never gone to the Bernabéu thinking I was favourite - Pep

Pep Guardiola attended a handful of Spanish journalists after yesterday’s league win at Eintracht Braunschweig.

Bayern have received criticism over the past few days despite being crowned Bundesliga champions in record time. Has that surprised you?

For the big teams, it’s not enough to just win – you have to win always. That’s normal. We are not at our best and today, once again we looked like a small side. On the one hand, we’ve had to play league games when there is absolutely nothing to play for but we still need to up our level. Maybe Madrid will be more enthusiastic than us after winning the Copa del Rey but we will try to be competitive.

Are you worried that your team might not have that drive that they might have were they still in competitive in the league?

Yes, and in a certain way, Real Madrid have a slight advantage in that aspect. We secured the league title a while back and that has made us drop our rhythm a little byrt we will try and recover that as soon as possible.

What are you expecting from Madrid? whether they’re with or without Cristiano.

I always believe that the big players, if they have a slight chance of playing games like this, will play. What can I say about Cristiano? He’s spent many years now at this level – and not just him. With him they are a very strong side but without him, they’re just as dangerous.

Do you think Ancelotti’s Madrid side is more attractive to watch than the previous team?

Every time I have been to the Bernabéu, whether as a player or as a coach, I have never considered myself to be on the side of the favourites. I’ve too much respect for those things, although I don’t like they way they comport themselves. They deserve respect for their history. So, it doesn’t matter who their coach is or which players are there – they’re always a strong side to face.

Are Madrid at their most dangerous when they stage a lightning break?

Yes, that’s always been their strong point.

After booking your place in the German Cup final, you said that the team wasn’t playing at the required level. Is the current level of your team enough to beat Madrid?

We’re not at our best and it’s obvious that we need to improve if we want to go on and successfully defend the Champions League trophy.

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