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Di María: "Saying we betrayed Mourinho is a lie"

The Argentina international spoke to Radio América


Di María: "Saying we betrayed Mourinho is a lie"

Real Madrid's Argentina international Angel Di María spoke about José Mourinho's departure from Real Madrid in an interview with Radio América. The left winger made it clear that nobody betrayed him, and said he was grateful to Mou for having taken a chance on him.

"To say that we betrayed Mourinho is a lie, we all want to get to finals and win. Mourinho brough to Real Madrid and made space for me here. I could never be upset with him".

Di María also said that winning the Champions League at the Estadio Da Luz in Lisbon, where he played for Benfica, "would be very nice".

When asked about the World Cup this summer he said "the club comes first, then, when the season is over, I'll think about the national side", he said.

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