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Atleti refuse Barça's request to water the grass at half-time

In the morning matchday meeting the Madrid club confirmed they would cut the grass, but that they wouldn’t activate the sprinklers at half-time.


During this morning’s matchday meeting at the Vincente Calderón between representatives of UEFA, Atlético, Barcelona, the security forces and the Red Cross, Barcelona (who will be playing in black tonight) asked for the pitch to be watered at half-time. Atlético refused the request. The competition regulations do not require the pitch to be watered at the break.

This request from Barcelona came on top of last night’s complaint from the Catalan club about the length of the grass. Atlético who generally cut their grass on the day of the game agreed to trim the pitch.

While Atleti have refused to water the pitch at half-time, it will be watered an hour before the match.

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