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Courtois’ father: “Barça has never been an option”

Courtois’ father: “Barça has never been an option”

The goalkeeper’s parent, Thierry Courtois says his son is not upset by Barça’s choice to earmark Ter Stegen as Valdés’ replacement.

Thierry Courtois, the father of Atlético goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, claimed today that his son’s sole intention is to continue at the Calderón or return to Chelsea after his loan deal expires. In declaration posted on Belgian web site, 'Het Nieuwsblad' Courtois Senior responded to speculation which put the keeper in Barça’s orbit as the direct replacement for Víctor Valdés. It appears that Barça have settled on bringing in Borussia Monchengladbach’s Marc-André Ter Stegen and could announce the transfer within the next few days.

“Thibaut is not upset that Barça have set their sights on Ter Stegen because joining Barcelona was never an option for him. He is under contract with Atlético until June 30 and only two clubs matter to him – Chelsea and Atlético. Obviously, the logical thing to happen is to discuss his future directly with Chelsea. That’s the only thing that worries us at the moment,” Thierry Courtois said. “We won’t be talking with Chelsea just yet, they only thing they know is that Thibaut is keen to be a first-choice next season wherever he might be”.

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