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Ancelotti: “My future? I might retire after Madrid”

The Real coach spoke to Sky Sports and discussed his possible plans after his stay in Spain.


Ancelotti spoke to Sky Sports about his future: “Coaching Rome or Italy? It’s not the first time I’ve been asked that. All I can say is that I’ll see after Real Madrid, I might retire, I might even decide to give up smoking”. [The Real Madrid coach does indeed smoke, a habit he allegedly picked up while injured as a 25-year-old Roma player]

Ancelotti also praised the good start to the season from Roma, where he played between 1979 and 1987: “I like Roma a lot because I can understand and imagine what’s happening there right now. I’m happy for the coach, I know him from Lille and he’s very good, his teams play good football, I’m happy for him and for the city. If Milan don’t win then I hope Roma do”.

As to Conte, coach at Juventus, who Ancelotti will face on 23 October the Real Madrid coach had this to say: “Antonio has always been charismatic and since he’s been a coach he’s only become more so”.

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