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DIS in legal action against Neymar, agent, Barça and Santos

The company, previously owner of 40% of the player's rights, is sending a lawyer to Barcelona. Santos have submitted as evidence a letter sent by Rosell.

Neymar has been at Barcelona for more than four months, but his summer transfer to the Camp Nou remains unresolved in the Brazilian courts. WIth a difference of 40 million euros between what Santos say they received and what Barcelona say they paid, DIS – one of the companies that owned part of the player’s rights at Santos, is after its share of the potential additional money.

Santos have submitted documents to the Sao Paulo courts that show that Barcelona paid them just 17.1 million euros, of which 40% belongs to DIS and 5% to Teisa.

And among the evidence submitted by the Brazilian club is a letter sent by Barça president Sandro Rosell to Odilio Rodrigues, acting Santos president due to Luis de Oliveira’s absence through illness. A Brazilian journalist, Milton Neves, has had access to this document.

The letter reads: “As Santos FC well knows, the total Transfer Fee for all the federative and economic rights of Neymar Jr was established at €17,100,000 as stated in the transfer contract signed by both clubs. Such amounts, which FC Barcelona has fully paid to Santos FC, will be shared among Santos FC, TEISA and DIS in the amounts contractually agreed between these entities.”

It continues: “The remaining amount to reach €57,000,000 stated by our Vice-President and published in our web, is related to other payments FC Barcelona had to bare [sic] in order to resolve previous agreements with other parties. FC Barcelona could no longer comply or execute such agreements as a result of the transfer contract signed with Santos FC, thus the agreements had to be resolved on FC Barcelona’s cost [sic]. Therefore, these additional payments result in an extra cost for FC Barcelona directly associated to the acquisition of Neymar Jr, although never related to Santos FC, nor obviously being regarded as a Transfer Fee, as it is not a compensation for the acquisition of any right of the player.”

DIS, who owned 40% of the youngster’s rights, is therefore demanding explanations from the player himself, as well as Barcelona and Neymar’s agent, Wagner Ribeiro. The judge charged with handling the case has already sent a letter of request to the Barcelona forward.

According to DIS lawyer Roberto Morena, the conflict created by Neymar’s transfer is such that FIFA, football’s world governing body, has asked for clarification of the deal. Meanwhile, Moreno will visit Barcelona in person this week in order to accelerate the process against Barça and Santos.

The publication of the letter from Rosell to Rodrigues strengthens suspicions at DIS that Neymar’s family pocketed the remaining 40 million euros through the company NyN. Indeed, DIS also maintains that Barcelona paid part of the money before the 2011 FIFA World Club Cup in Tokyo, in which both Santos and Barça took part.

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