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CR7 marks himself out of 10: "Nine. I always want to improve"

Speaking to 'Cuatro', the Madrid man defined himself as "normal". He added: "I try to do the right things. I’m a footballer and I try to make people happy."


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has told Spanish television that he always finds room for improvement as a player.

In an interview with TV channel ‘Cuatro’, the Portugal international was asked to give himself a mark out of ten. He responded: “Nine. I always want to improve, and ten is the maximum. I’m not a ten.”

He added: “My mentality is one of playing well, training well... That’s the target.”

Cristiano was also asked to define himself in one word: “Normal,” he replied. “My attitude in life is normal; I try to do the right things, to do them well. I’m a footballer and I try to make people happy.”

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