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Ancelotti: "I’m Italian; we don’t need 30 passes, three will do”

Asked who would take the free-kicks, the Real Madrid coach said: “Cristiano first. Bale can take them sometimes, and so can Di María.”


Cristiano Ronaldo: “I can’t comment on his private life, and I don’t like to control players’ lives outside the game. He’s a great professional with good concentration in training, also before and after because he works hard to recover. He’s an example to the rest, particularly to the young players. He has a lot of quality and is very professional.”

Who’s going to take the free-kicks? “Cristiano has a lot of quality in that area and he’s first. Bale can take them sometimes, and so can Di María; the free-kicks in the centre. It’s going to be Cristiano first, followed by the other two.”

The system: “We have an idea of the system, based on control and possession. We’re going to try and break away quickly to attack because we have many players that can play on the counter.”

Illarramendi: “Tactically, he’s a great player; he gives the team balance and knows how to read the game.”

Will the 100 million for Bale and Cristiano’s new deal bring added pressure? "The opposite. I’ve got less pressure because I know I have quality players in my squad.”

The injury to Sergio Ramos: “After the game in Istanbul he was tired. We wanted to make sure he recovered properly and get him in the gym. He doesn’t have any specific problem, and although he will be named in the squad I don’t think he will play.”

Will Varane be included “He’s not available for tomorrow’s game, but he probably will be for the Atlético game next week, or even against Elche. The same goes for Coentrao and Marcelo.”

Napoli’s good start: “They’re playing well and have a lot of personality. Benítez is doing a great job. The city has high expectations, which is important for motivating the team. It could be a big year for them.”

Coentrao: “It’s a normal process. When he joined up with Portugal he had that problem and we’ve delayed the process to make sure he recovers. He’ll work with the group next week; I think he’ll be available for the Elche game.”

Casillas: “He was unlucky, but fortunately it’s nothing serious. He won’t be able to train for five days and won’t be available for tomorrow, but I hope he’ll be OK for next week.”

Starters in midfield: “I have a few doubts and I’m going to decide tomorrow. The squad won’t change; we’ve got players that have played a lot and I’ll make some changes to avoid injuries. That’s important because no injuries mean having more players available. Rotating is to avoid problems.”

The Getafe game: “We can play with more intensity. We’ve got the possibility of playing more aggressively, above all at the beginning. Against Villarreal we didn’t start well, and against Galatasaray… it’s something we can improve.”

Khedira: “He’s an experienced player, tactically good, and with a lot of character and personality. He works with a lot of intensity.”

When will Varane be able to play 90 minutes? “We’ve been working with him to avoid any problems. It’s been a long process and we’ve worked with him individually to protect him in the future. When he starts playing again he will be able to play 90 minutes.”

Bale’s adaptation: “He won’t have any trouble because he’s very laid-back. He’s got a very good relationship with his team-mates.”

Is dominating a matter of time or about changing the players’ mentalities? “These players are champions. You have to look for automatism, which is just a matter of time. We don’t need 30 passes to find a solution. You have to be ready to find it sooner... three passes will do. I can’t go against the qualities in my players, and if we find the solution in three passes instead of 30, that’s what we’ll do. I’m Italian and the counter is one option I like.”

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