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Spanish athletes "stunned" by Madrid 2020 failure

Spanish athletes "stunned" by Madrid 2020 failure

The country's elite sportsmen and women thanked the committee's efforts and cursed the city's bad luck in losing out on hosting the Games.

After Madrid’s bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games failed, Spain's elite sportsmen and women thanked the committee's efforts and cursed the city's bad luck in losing out on the Games, which were awarded to Tokyo.

Samuel Sánchez (Cyclist and Olympic champion): "We have to pick ourselves up and keep fighting. When you work so hard to achieve your objectives, victory is no guarantee, but we must be proud at forming part of such a committed and noble project."

Feliciano López (Tennis player): "What a disgraceful decision from the IOC, which has shown once again to have no regard for fair play and values all other interests above sport. I would like to believe that corruption, the economic situation and Operation Puerto were all key to us losing out, but I still don't understand it. What about the 30 Turkish athletes who were implicated in doping? This doesn't add up. And what about the nuclear crisis of Fukushima? Every candidate had its problems. And finally. Spain has never been valued around the world or well looked upon, even forgetting this shameful era of corrupt politicians."

Nico Almagro (Tennis player): "A month ago we were convinced that we had the Olympic Games sewn up. Enough of this hypocrisy! We will overcome this setback in the best possible way, which is to keep working for a better Spain, we need to take the reins ourselves, and not allow other inept characters to take us for a ride."

Guti (former Real Madrid player): "This is terribly sad, a huge blow, not just for Madrid, but for Spain as a whole."

Javier Gómez Noya (Triathlete and Olympic silver medalist): "It's a real shame, because everyone was very optimistic. But another city has got it and all athletes need to keep working hard and prepare for the Games in the same way. It will still be the Olympic Games, even though it's a pity it will not be in Madrid."

Carolina Ruiz (Skier): "I am struggling to come to terms with the fact Madrid was not chosen. It's a shame to lose an opportunity like this at the last minute. It's a shame, but it shows that Madrid and Spain have the ability to organise top class events like the Olympic Games."

Jennifer Pareja (Waterpolo player): "We are lost for words, we didn't expect to draw (with Turkey). It was the worst thing that could have happened. We hadn't envisaged this, we were full of optimism. We are stunned. We don't know what to say - everything could have changed and now it's not going to happen. It's a shame after all the efforts everyone has made."

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