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'Estadão': Brazil siphoned money from friendlies to Sandro Rosell

The Brazilian newspaper claims that a part of the fees the Brazilian Football Federation received was transferred to accounts in Rosell's name.

A portion of the money paid to the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) by international sides from around the world to play friendlies against the Brazil national team found its way into bank accounts registered in the name of the Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell - according to Brazilian newspaper 'Estadão'.

The newspaper claims to have had access to documents and exclusive sources that show that the practice took place during the leadership of former CBF president Ricardo Teixeira, who was forced to quit the organisation after he was accused of corruption and unjust enrichment during his 23 years at the helm of Brazilian football.

Since 2006, the company ISE, which has its headquarters in the Caiman Islands, has held the rights to organsise Brazil's friendlies, for which it charges a minimum of one million dollars per friendly.

According to the report in Estadão, ISE sent 10.9 million dollars it earned from 24 Brazil friendlies to the company Uptrend Development, based in New Jersey, USA, to an account in the name of Alexandre R. Feliu, real name of Sandro Rosell i Feliu.

A former representative of Nike in Brazil and personal friend of Teixeira, Rosell is under investigation by the Brazilian public prosecutor for fraud. The Barcelona president could be condemned to up to eight years in prison for falsifying documents and for benefitting financially from contracts he was not awarded, relating to promoting a friendly between Brazil and Portugal in 2008.

The prosecutor wants the return of the 3.5 million euros that the company Ailanto Marketing Ltda, ownded by Rosell, was allegedly paid for the promotion of the friendly.

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