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Cristiano responds to Mou: "I don't bite the hand that feeds me"

Cristiano responds to Mou: "I don't bite the hand that feeds me"

The Portuguese forward also denied that he had sealed a new contract with 'Los Blancos': "The situation still hasn’t been resolved."

How are the team enjoying working with Ancelotti?

We are very happy with our coach. The training sessions are very good and we are working hard in order to start the season as fit as possible. Carlo is a very kind person and we are all enjoying working with him.

In the Guinness Champions Cup Madrid will face Mourinho’s Chelsea. Are you motivated about facing a former coach after all the problems the squad had with him?

We are facing Chelsea, but it’s just another game. We are facing Chelsea, not the coach. We want to win.

Is it true you have renewed your contract?

The situation still hasn’t been resolved and I don’t think it’s the right time to talk about it. Perhaps we’ll be able to give more concrete news about this further down the line but now all I’m qualified to do is train and work.

What would it take for you to sign for an MLS club?

I’m still very young to play in the MLS, but I won’t close the door to anybody. Only God knows the future. Right now I’m happy in Europe, we’ll see what happens later on.

You have made a strong start to the pre-season. What objectives do you have for 2013-14?

Every season is a new challenge for me. I know it’s going to be difficult, but I live for challenges and I’m going to aim to work hard and help my team-mates. I’m a fighter and I always give everything, for my club and for my country.

What do you think of the signing of Bale and the money the club will pay for him?

I’m not qualified to talk about new players. I’m very happy with the players the team already have. In terms of the fee, you should speak to the coach and president about that. I have my opinion, but I’m not going to reveal it in front of the cameras.

Mourinho has said that the real Ronaldo is the Brazilian one. What did you make of that?

There are some things in life that don’t deserve any mention. This is one of those things and I won’t comment on it for obvious reasons. I always respect my coaches and try to learn from them. In Portugal we always say: “I don’t spit on the plate I eat on.” And that’s how I feel. I prefer to try and remember the positive side [to Mourinho].

What do you think of the new signings?

I honestly think that Madrid have made some very good signings, each player will contribute a lot. Each player that has come in [Carvajal, Isco and Illarramendi] is very good and I’m sure they are going to help us a lot.

What do you think of Barcelona?

I only look at my own team, my team-mates. All I want to do is score goals and play well for my team, I have nothing at all to say about Barcelona.

What will you try and do to improve your scoring record from free-kicks?

Do you know the statistics? Well they speak for themselves, but I’m going to try and improve n every aspect, not just free-kicks.

How are you finding playing in a different position?

We have a different coach and I’m playing in a new position, but I like it. Now’s a good moment to try out new positions and it’s going well for me. Carlo has given me the option to play where I want and has made me feel comfortable.

What has it been like working with Zidane?

Zidane is a great influence on us, especially the young players, and it’s very positive for us to have him as an assistant coach.

What differences do you notice between this year and 12 months ago?

I’m very positive. The signings we have made are very good, the coach is a simple person who is kind to everyone. Everyone knows about the new signings because they are all Spanish and understand the league. During the pre-season they have already proved they are good enough to play for Madrid. We are all happy.

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