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Document shows Santos earned just 9m from Neymar transfer

‘Radio Globo’ has revealed the minutes of the meeting in which Santos approved the transfer of the Brazil forward to Barcelona.


According to the minutes of a Santos board meeting from 18 June, leaked by ‘Globo Radio’, Barcelona paid 17 million euros in order to obtain 100% ownership of Neymar.

However, the Brazilian club received just 9.35 million euros of this amount, with the rest being divided between two companies that owned part of the players’ rights, DIS, which owned 40%, and Teisa, which owned 5%.

According to Globoesporte, Barcelona made an initial offer of 16.5 million euros for the player, to be paid in various installments until 2016. The deal was finally sealed for 17.1 million euros, with Barça paying the administrative costs of the operation, which reached 171,000 euros.

However, and as Barcelona announced, Neymar’s transfer was elevated to more than the 17 million euros recorded by Santos. Sandro Rosell’s board declared the total cost of the operation at 57 million euros. 40 million euros went to the player’s father in commission, 10 of which was paid in advance in 2012.

In terms of a bonus for Santos, Barcelona will have to pay them an extra two million euros if Neymar is named among the top three players in the world in the Ballon d’Or awards within the next five years.

Another element to the deal included an agreement to play two friendlies between the clubs. The first is scheduled for the Gamper trophy on 2 August at the Camp Nou, with Barça covering all of the Brazilian club’s travel costs.

The second will take place in Brazil between July and September of this year or for the same period in 2014. In the event that this game does not take place, Barça will have to pay Santos an extra 4.5 million euros, according to Radio Globo.

Santos will also get first refusal on the transfer of the forward if he leaves Barcelona.

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