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Mourinho prevented Kaká from joining AC Milan or Man United

Mourinho prevented Kaká from joining AC Milan or Man United

The Portuguese coach rejected offers from the two giants of European football on the off chance Kaká would succeed there, and wanted him to go to China or Russia.

Kaká is feeling frustrated. He is in China at the moment, attending promotional events for his sponsors, but he desperately wants to return to Madrid immediately so he can speak face to face with new Real coach Carlo Ancelotti. His aim is to stay at Madrid, because he feels he was discarded by José Mourinho last season for reasons that had little to do with his technical level or physique.

Sources close to the player have told AS: "Mourinho didn’t want him at the club and wanted to use him as short change, but he was scared of sending him to a big European club on the off chance he would be a success. He wanted to sell him to a club in Russia or China, but Kaká didn’t want to go there.”

Our source maintains that Kaká was at peak fitness throughout the season and was desperate to play, but felt he had been boycotted by the club.

"There was never a big fight or fallout between Kaká and Mou, but their relationship was not good at all,” declared another source close to the midfielder.

“Madrid received two offers from big clubs, one from England and one from Italy, but Mourinho said no,” he added.

The offers arrived before the start of last season and came from AC Milan and Manchester United. But Mourinho rejected the offers, insisting that, if Kaká were to leave Madrid, he would have to move away from the European elite.

Kaká received offers from Chinese and Russian clubs and if he had made the move, would have earned more money than he does at Madrid. However, his aim has always been to triumph at a big European club so he could get back into the Brazil squad ahead of the 2014 World Cup.

“His motivation is purely sporting,” adds our source.

“He wanted the chance to succeed at the best club in the world and Mourinho wouldn’t give him that opportunity.

“If his motivation was financial, he would be playing football far away from Spain right now.

Kaká’s motivation to succeed at Madrid has multiplied since it was confirmed that Ancelotti would succeed José Mourinho as the club’s coach.

The Brazilian knows that the close relationship he has with Ancelotti, who he worked with at AC Milan, is not a guarantee of anything, but he is certain the Italian will at least give him a chance to prove his worth and compete for a place in the team.

Our source added: "Kaká has been in good shape since last year and he feels no pain, and he has not forgotten how to play football overnight. He is very motivated.”



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