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Real Madrid and Málaga in talks in the Bernabéu for Isco

Bosses from the Andalusian club and the father’s footballer are involved. Málaga are seeking 35 million euros.

Real Madrid and Málaga in talks in the Bernabéu for Isco Ampliar
Madrid want a bit of Málaga's Isco

‘Operation Isco’ is underway at Real Madrid. Málaga have asked for 35 million euros (the value of his buy-out clause) for the ‘Golden Boy’ of 2012, who arrived for seven million from Valencia, and extended his contract just a few months ago.Madrid are extremely interested in the player, but want to include players in the deal to lower the cash price.

Real Madrid are involved in talks with Málaga sporting director Mario Husillos, General Manager, Vicente Casado, the player’s lawyer, Rafael Comino and Isco’s father.

Francisco Martín Aguilar, Málaga director, admitted this morning that Madrid were keen on the midfielder. “Madrid are very interested in him. But so far there is nothing official”, he said. Manchester City and Monaco, amongst others, have also shown interest in the player.

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