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Mourinho: "Atlético did not deserve to win the final"

Real Madrid coach José Mourinho faced the media after the Copa del Rey defeat to Atlético Madrid, admitting: "This is the worst season of my career."

Mourinho: "Atlético did not deserve to win the final"

Real Madrid coach José Mourinho faced the media in Friday night's post-match press conference after watching his charges lose the Copa del Rey final to Atlético Madrid.

This season: "Your career lasts for many years, not just one year. I don't know anyone who has always had fantastic seasons and always won big trophies every year. This is the worst season of my career; one piece of silverware is not enough for me or Real Madrid, that's why it has been a bad season. We have achieved one final, one semi-final, one second place and won the Supercopa. What for many would be a good season has been my worst."

Ill-deserved defeat: "When the result is 1-1 and one team hits the post three times, that's not normal. You don't have to be a football genius to realise that the result isn't a fair one, that Atlético did not deserve to win the final. In extra time we had two chances: one for [Gonzalo] Higuaín and another for [Mesut] Özil. But in football all that gets forgotten. People forget about the refereeing, the shots against the post. All that is remembered is the winner, and Atlético won."

Have you been a failure at Real Madrid? "I have failed this season because to me it's normal that we should win the Copa and fight for La Liga and the Champions League like we did in my first season. Everyone saw Real Madrid as the best in the world. In my second season, it's not a failure to win La Liga against the best team in the world. And we lost [in the Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich] on penalties. I can't take the penalties, although maybe I would have missed too. I think that they were two good seasons. The third hasn't been good; it has been a failure. When things are going well everyone takes the credit and when things are going badly it's the coach. It isn't the player or the structure that's wrong, it's the coach. You can say that it's my worst season; but a season that would be a good one for many has been very bad."

Have you hidden? "If you're honest, which is what you are, you have to say that I have never hidden after a defeat in three seasons here. After a draw, I have never hidden. Never. After wins, important wins such as when we won La Liga or beat Barcelona in the Copa, I didn't go [to give the post-match press conference]. Before a game I have the right to go or not to go."

Future: "I have three more years on my contract with Real Madrid; I still haven't sat down with the president to talk about my future. I think it's normal that people talk about [PSG coach Carlo] Ancelotti or any other. People are also saying that I'm going to Chelsea, or here or there. We will make it official when me and the president sit down and decide what to do. That's the way it should be. There are still two games in the league to play. We have to play the league and respect the other teams we are playing - Real Sociedad and Osasuna - who still have objectives, like qualifying for the Champions League and avoiding relegation."

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