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Real and Atlético look forward to the final

Last night's match between Atlético and Sevilla was a tremendous game, a real Cup tie. I have always said that the Cup often throws up things the league rarely offers, and last night was a monument to the Cup, a passionate football match played with tremendous intensity, full of fight, chances and goal. Not even the fisticuffs at the end, when Sevilla took their anger out at what they thought was an unfair score-line, could ruin the match. Because despite going into the break losing 1-2, once Unai Emery's side returned from the dressing room they played great football and created enough chances to turn the tie around. But they couldn't pull it off.

Atlético got to the final thanks to Diego Costa, who is getting better with every game. This is a player who has matured late. We have always seen flashes of brilliance from him since he arrived in Spain, but they were just flashes: the rest of the time we saw him lose his head and get into fights. He settled into Rayo Vallecano with ease last season [while on loan] and has improved even more this season, even discreetly competing for the hearts of Atlético fans with Falcao. He is still a warrior, but now he is the one who dominates the battles. And he is playing well too. Yesterday he scored a goal, created another and two opposition players were sent off trying to provoke him. He is half warrior, half artist, but certainly not a saint. He is a goalscorer, too.

So we can now look forward to a final between the two Madrid clubs, the fifth of all time. And here's the strange thing: Atlético have won three of those finals, all of them in the Bernabéu: in 1960, 1961 and 1992. Real won the only all-Madrid final at the Calderón, on penalties in 1975. Where will the 2013 final be played? If capacity is a key requirement, it should be at the Bernabéu. If there is a desire for change, it should be at the Calderón, as the last one, in 1992, was at Real's home. Madrid's request that the final be played at the Camp Nou is a joke that makes little sense. I suppose they just want to cause an argument.

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